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The members of the Hillcrest Church of Christ in Utica, Ohio, invite you to join us in worshipping God. Our goal is to worship God just as the Christians in the New Testament did. We want to teach only what the Bible says.

Please come visit us at any of the weekly meeting times listed below. If you have any questions about the Bible, please call (740)892-2544 and we will try to give you a Biblical answer.

A photo of our meeting place
This is a picture of our meeting place. The church is the people.

Meeting Times:


  • Bible Class: 9:30 AM
  • Morning Worship: 10:35 AM
  • Evening Worship: 6:00 PM


  • Bible Class: 7:30 PM

    A schematic map to our building from neighboring cities

    "... Christ in you, the hope of glory:

    Whom we preach, warning every man, and teaching every man in all wisdom; that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus"

    -- Colossians 1:27-28 (King James Version)

    For more information, please call the number above or email Trevor Brailey, a preacher at the Hillcrest Church of Christ.

    Hillcrest Church of Christ
    P.O. Box 266
    Utica, OH 43080-0266